PP of A Revisited



Collection of imagesPilot Imaging

I want to thank my friends over at Pilot Imaging for all their support while I was at PP of A.  Pilot has really helped me by providing services that are convenient, affordable, and easy to use.  Jeff Pilot has over two decades of experience in the industry and has been a crucial part of my success by providing expert printing super fast so my clients always have what they want in a timely manner. The best part of Pilot is they function as a “one-stop shop” for all things photographic, without losing that awesome customer service experience that you’re looking for. The personal relationship we’ve developed with the staff at Pilot has been so important to us as we order prints, album designs, and almost every product Pilot offers.  The staff has come to know our personal tastes and calls us when they see something different selected.  What large printing company do you know that remembers your name and preferences like that? They’re also expanding with even more finishes and services so we can’t wait to be the first in line to try those out.  I can’t say enough about these guys!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I was at PP of A. Time goes by so fast and we’ve been super busy here at the studio. I really wanted to share some images so here’s one of my favorites from the day.


The Build

When I love the sky, as I did in this image, I expose for it.  I usually know the exposure without a meter…1/250th @ f 11.   This image shows the exposure is perfect for the sky, however Simone has no light added to her face and is in total shadow.  Using my Q flash, I have memorized the output to gain any given exposure.  1/2 power at 10 feet for f 11 will be the number, every time.  We learned this in a dark room with a sekonic meter and this comes in super handy, knowing your output for any given situation.  Once everything came together, I lifted Simone on top of the the trash receptacle and isolated her against the gorgeous sky.  We moved the light to profile position giving me the perfect loop shadow under her nose.  You can see the reflector in the foreground to not only open the details on the shadow side of her face, it also acts as a GOBO ( go-between,) to shade my lens from the burst of light.  I used my Canon EOS Mark 4 with a 24-70 lens, working with a Manfrotto tripod and my trusty Quantum Q Flash.

I was at the Canon booth teaching and we had over 100 people come for my class and with such a great turn out I just wanted to say a big thank you! I will be going to WPPI in Phoenix next week, stop on by the Canon booth and say hi!

Consumer Electronics Show 2013!

The past weekend I was in Vegas at CES!


It was jam packed as you can see in this crowd shot. 

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show,) in Las Vegas is without a doubt the biggest show of it’s kind. The CES showcases the latest trends in new technology in just about every sector of the electronics market.

We were busy in the Tiffen Booth sharing our ideas on film making with several of their stellar products, including the Stedi Cam, Lowel Lighting kits and their world renown glass filters that have been celebrated in the film and photo- industry for over 75 years.


Tiffen image

Stephen, on the right, was the winner of a Tiffen Smoothie! Judyanne, center, was wonderful as the moderator.  She filled in the gaps and introduced the next speaker of events. She really knew her product!


Of course I made my way over to the Canon Booth, a passionate journey through aisles and aisles of amazing eye catching gadgets, 3D televisions offering 8K resolution, smarter cars, and tens of thousands of other products that are created to make our lives easier. (they think.)

I was thrilled to see that some of my favorite images were being featured in the Canon booth, both in their fine art portfolios as well as their large 100 inch digital display monitors. As an Explorer of Light I am invited to just about every major trade show throughout the year, keeping me  excited and ready to try the latest products in imaging.

Looking at my pic in Canon's Portfolio!

Looking at my pic in Canon’s Portfolio!

My Print!

These two images were some of mine featured in the booth!2 1

Among the highlights for me was the latest in wireless professional cameras, able to upload images directly to the cloud. Better quality LED lighting products, smaller, lighter, faster is the buzz words that you hear at most of the booths. And if you have have a chunk of money to spend, the consumer 3D Televisions at the LG booth were outstanding! In fact they had an entire 3D wall, claiming to be the largest 3D screen in the world. It was colossal!

Speaking of Imaging, we’ll be working with Canon at the PPA Imaging Conference in Atlanta, January 17-19 with several appearances using their latest cameras, flashes, and printers. See you there!