A Passionate Journey

I can’t remember a more passionate journey, with Master Classes, destination shoots, studio work, and big conventions! First I was in Phoenix doing my master class (Thanks Michael Jordan!) which got a lot of wonderful support. Several people reviewed it online leaving me some great feedback and I just wanted to share a really nice review with you all!

“We had numerous of models to use with reflectors, lights and backdrops with Clay giving individual attention to each student. The class was small for that reason. Clay would comment on your images if you wanted and show the detail in your images and told you how he would do it different or praised your work for the quality in it.”

You can read more about it here!  I really had a great time and got some GREAT images.

Pose It Light It Love It!

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Bradford Jones took some AWESOME video. Keep a look out for some great footage.


You can see the making of this image below, I shot her sitting in a roll of white seamless!



The designer made this dress the NIGHT BEFORE! Worked great for us.


Next came Cabo, Mexico for the Cameracraftsmen meeting. I’m fortunate to be a part of this prestigious group of 40 of the world’s leading photographers.  It was a lot of fun with a beautiful backdrop which we took full advantage of! The strip of images I entered into their contest, check out all the entries on Pinterest here.


I came back home for a few shoots and then I was off to Vegas for WPPI! I was at Canon, Tiffen, and Quantum Instruments. Very busy and VERY fun!

Skip Cohen has a full head of steam with his new baby SCU.  We were thrilled to be at the inaugural launch, and I was the first speaker! His approach is really something amazing. Skip Cohen’s Summer Session is just around the corner and is the ideal place for education. I will definitely be there! It’s a great place to get your fill of webinars, podcasts, and hands on learning education. He’s really done his best to create a place where you can find every resource as a professional photographer. Keep an eye on Skip and Scott Bourne, they’re two individuals who mean business and I mean BUSINESS. 05-TA1_8654 06-TA1_8640 08-AD6K4811

I’m one of the first guys to try out the brand new Tiffen GL-1 Light and I highly recommend checking it out! As you can see, it gave some pretty cool results that remind me of that ‘Old Hollywood’ look that’s coming back! This light is great for stills and video and I’m going to get a holster to carry two! 🙂Untitled-2a

Now it’s time for the Wild, Wild, West with a desert shoot for the New York Institute of Photography.  We went out to a ranch and shot some amazing new footage using all available light complimented with flash, scrims, and reflectors. Stay tuned, this will be some stellar new education! Enjoy a few of my faves below!

01-442K1480 02-442K1373 03-442K2471a 05-442K1520 07-442K2222 442K2015 442K2289a IMG_3190

If you visited WPPI, it was hard to miss me as I was running from booth to booth creating portraits and sharing new ideas. I am fortunate to be one of Canon’s few Explorers of Light. This year we made five appearances using all of Canon’s latest new products; some of my favorites are the 1-DX Camera and the 600 ETR flash unit. Enjoy some of the images we made below!

N33A0681aaa442K2594 AD6K7663 AD6K7715 AD6K7751 DZ3Q0282a makingof N33A0220


Thank you, thank you very much! 🙂