Tummy Time

Inspiration from a friend:


I recently had the pleasure of spending a beautiful day in Connecticut  photographing my dear friend Laurie Klein’s son’s wedding. If I am known as the “King of Infrared” photography, I would certainly give the title “Queen of Infrared,” to Laurie.  Her work is amazing and several of her images are some of my all-time favorites.  Her new book Photographing The Female Form With Digital Infrared just came out last week, you can find it for sale here.


As we arrived at the hotel early that morning, Laurie handed me a wrapped present.  Upon opening, I was thrilled to see an image that won first place in the Departures Photography Contest that I judged!  I did not know it was her image until the award was given.

Art Imitates Art:

While making maternity images the day after I opened the gift, I decided to do a little R & D…not research and development, rip off and duplicate!   After a few studio portraits we ended up in the garage, where many of my best portraits are made.


We laid the framed portrait next to the sofa that the subject was resting on to create the image titled, “Tummy Time.”


One of my new favorite toys is the Westcott EyeLighter, it’s like 4 reflectors in one, wrapping the light completely around the subject.

The portrait works so well as it has an uncluttered simplicity that I strive for in much of my work.

The next image was equally special with the subject looking toward the daylight in a soft, confident manor.  Everything that we do in classical portraiture is encompassed in this striking image.   She is positioned in the feminine pose.  Notice her right shoulder is lower than her left and she is turning and tipping her head to the higher shoulder.  The camera position is just between profile and 2/3 view of the face on purpose, as the profile on many Asian faces is not as flattering as the 2/3view in my opinion.  The image is vignetted to draw the viewer the tummy, as well as the beauty of the women anticipating the birth of her first child.



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