We laughed, we cried……

Alyson and Eric were in a slight state of shock this past Saturday at their beautiful wedding at the Hay Adams Hotel, Washington D.C. With laughter, followed by tears and then shouts of joy from the family members, it was such an entertaining moment of the wedding day. The artistic vision coming out of Clay and Company studios with our ability to share some of the highlights of the day in a short film, just hours after the ceremony is not an easy task, however, huge credit goes to Justin French, Othello Banaci, and “Steady” Freddy Galea for their continued growth in the DSLR boutique films. We have now created over 100 quality films and feel like we are just getting started. Check out our other work at Vimeo.com/ClayBlackmore

6 thoughts on “We laughed, we cried……

  1. This is simply amazing. You must have totally wowed them with this same day edit. When they saw the wedding scenes in this video they didn’t know where to laugh or cry.

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